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June 30, 2017

The Spanish Law 14/2013 in Support of the Investors allows investors to process a residence permit in Spain in case a significant investment or a business project is to be settled.

The requirements are the following:

•  The purchase of Real Estates in Spain worth 500.000€ or more.

•  An initial investment of 2 million € or more in public debt titles, or 1 million € in shares and holdings, investment or capital funds and other financial products.

•  A business program to be developed in Spain under certain conditions as: to be considered a business to create employment, to produce social and economic impact or to boost scientific and technologic innovation.

The initial duration of this residence permit would be two years with the possibility to be renewed every five years if the conditions and requirements are met.

Advantages of this permit:

• The residence permit allows you to reside and work in Spain and it is valid for the whole country.

• To obtain this residence permit you are not obliged to have an effective residence in Spain, for more than 183 days per year. The only condition is to visit Spain at least one time during the residence period.

• The process is settled to give the residence permit also to family members.

If you would like it, we could help you with the process.

We can help you!

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